On a seasonal day of early 2016, two people who ever worked with communities and development projects many years ago sitting down together to discuss how to get more benefits from natural forests for the ethnic minority communities of Thua Thien Hue province whom the State entrusted with management. After much debating had taken place, they made decisions to put medicinal treasures of the forest into market and thereby provide the locals with constant income as well as make more high quality products to the society. These ideas are not intended to be innovative that many people have done and numerous projects invested but without much unexpected success. After another couple of weeks to study and discussion, two more people get involved including one is a university lecturer and another is a drug maker who accompanied with two foregoing members to carry out such ideas to the end. Some others shown their desires to join as co-founder, but only those who really love plant growth and forest protection in the first priority.

Three months later, we founded our company and set immediate targets of essential oil production and consumers of such product.