SAOLA Essential oil Balm

SAO LA Essential oil Balm

Packing: 11g.


  • Homalomena Occulta : 7%
  • Clover: 5%
  • Cajeput : 10 %
  • Peppermint : 20%
  • Camphor  : 15%
  • Cinnamon: 1%
  • Excipients: beeswax, emulsifying wax..s.q.f.. 11gram.


  • Relieve pain of muscle, bone, joints and bruises.
  • Help reduce the symptoms of headache, snivel, nasal congestion and itching, swelling due to insect bites.

Use direction:

  • Apply essential oil balm into muscle, bone, joints, bruises and insect bites.
  • Apply a small of essential oil balm onto the head and noise in case headache, snivel, nasal congestion
  • Use caution when using for children under 5 year old.


In dry place, protect from light, temperature below 30 C.


36 months from production date. TCCS LMX 01/2017